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Restaurants | 2014-10-13

The Terrace

Phone:(+36 1) 296 3570Opening hours: 06:00 - 21:00 Location: Skycourt - Terrace The Terrace Café is l...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11

Yum Cha

Opening hours: 10.00-21.00 This unit provides high quality food for customers who want to try a different fresh taste. A wide variety of As...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11

Upper Crust

Opening hours:non-stopUpper Crust offers unique authentic baguette sandwiches which simply taste better – guaranteeing freshness, we bake ...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Opening hours: 09.30-21.00 Be creative! This is the motto for the new Seasons restaurant where guests are welcome to prepare their preferre...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-1) 296-3500Opening hours:04.15-21.00 Fresh concept, food and drink to take away or to eat in if you prefer to. F...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Opening hours:4.00-21.00 Italian cuisine, pasta, pizza, strombolis and rolls. You can choose from Negroni’s wide pizza selection or they ...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-1) 296-9112Opening hours:05.00-21.00 Website/E-menu: Lero...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Opening hours:10.30-21.00 Home made Greek cuisine with a mediterranean temperamentum. Freshly made and generous portion. We offer a differe...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact:(+36-30) 246-9128Opening hours:05.00-21.00 KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. KFC is world famo...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11

Internet Point

Contact:(+36-1) 296-8265Opening hours:08:00 - 20.00Enjoy quality coffee watching planes landing and taking off and surf the Web...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11

Illy Espressamente

Contact:(+36-1) 296-8626Opening hours:non-stopFeeling lonely while waiting for the arrival of your loved one? Make the most of ...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact: (+36-1) 296 - 3500Opening hours: 05:15-21:00Web: www.hippopotamus.fr...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact: (+36-1)296-3500Opening hours:00:00-24:00We are proud to open the second Gundel restaurant, which is the best known Hun...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11


Contact: (+36-1) 296 - 3500Opening hours: 0-24 Web: www.flocafe.comFlocafé in the dep...

Restaurants | 2011-12-11

Dr Juice

Contact:(+36-20) 339-9915Opening hours: 04.30-21.00 Passengers in Dr. Juice can select from different fruit smoothie and shake...

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